Welcome to the talks page of our website where we’ll be sharing regular videos focussing on who God is and the plans that He has for each of our lives. We believe that God created each person and wants us to be in relationship with him despite all our shortcomings. We kick off with a new series called the ‘Foundation Series’, consisting of some short talks that help us in our understanding of who Jesus is and how we can come to know him.

Foundation Series:

Who is Jesus?

Join Paul Taylor in the first part of the Foundation Series, looking at who Jesus is.

Why did Jesus come

Paul continues the Foundation Series in part 2 looking at why Jesus came.

Who am I

Join Paul as he continues in part 3 of the Foundation Series.

How can I be born again

Paul shares how we can receive new life in Jesus in part 4 of the Foundation Series.

What is repentance?

Why is repentance important and what will happen when I do repent of the things I’ve done wrong. Join Paul in part 5 of the Foundation Series.

What is Faith

Paul looks into the area of faith in the latest part of the Foundation Series.

Water Baptism (part 1 of 2)

What is baptism and why is it important. Join Paul in his latest talk in the Foundation Series.

Water Baptism (part 2 of 2)

Join Paul as he concludes his two part talk on baptism as part of the wider Foundation Series.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Paul concludes the Foundation Series with a focus on what it looks like to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.

We would love to hear from you with any thoughts or questions you might having watched our talks. Why not drop us a line.

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