We love to connect with people and hear some of the stories of how Jesus has changed their lives.

Maybe you’re searching for a greater meaning to your life and wanting to find out if Jesus is the answer. We hope that some of these stories will inspire and encourage you.

Please feel free to get in touch with us – maybe you’ve got a story to share, or maybe you’ve got unanswered questions.

‘I had a rope ready to take my life, but then I found Jesus’

Hear Dan’s story as he shares some of his life story of Buddhism, partying, lack of peace and how he came to faith in Jesus.

‘Jesus is my best friend’

We caught up with June who tells us what Jesus means to her.

‘My life growing up was all about getting drunk and meeting men’

Paula shares how she grew up surrounded by drink, drugs, experiencing abuse – and then she noticed something different in her Mum which evenutally led to a faith in Jesus.

‘I had fancy cars and big jobs, but I kept God out of my life – but he was always there’

We hear from Charles who shares how after a successful material life, things began to unravel in a big way, before he eventually turned back to Jesus.

‘I took and sold drugs and was suicidal from the age of 8’

Will tells us how after a self centred life and nearly taking his own life, he then met some Christians who were filled with joy and true happiness – something he really craved from seeing it in them.

‘I lived for myself and didn’t care if there was a God or not’

June shares how after living for herself she started questioning faith after a series of health issues in her family.

‘I was looking at the beauty around me and I just realised this world couldn’t have happened by accident’

Geoff tells us the story of after a successful career, he suddenly started to think more deeply about God and faith – and the possibility that there might have been a creator behind it all.

‘I was always getting into trouble, stealing and getting into trouble’

Paul from London tells us how his life changed from ‘ducking and diving’ and making money, until he found out about Jesus.

‘I grew up with my single Mum in a council estate which got me off to a bad start’

Michelle shares how her Mum started attending a church after a bad start in life and how Michelle started going too and got baptised and things started to change over time.

‘I only had faith in myself and I was focussed on my career’

Alan is a proud Cornishman and ended up working in London. He shares about his upbringing and how after a focus on his career, he eventually came to faith in Jesus.

‘I couldn’t just live by what my parents believed, I needed to find out the truth for myself’

Paul shares how his parents brought him up going to church and although he believed in Jesus, he realised that he needed to come into a relationship with Jesus and needed to give his life to him.